5 Ways You Can Promote Your Website on Facebook

The genius of promoting products and services over the Internet was already gaining popularity even before social media websites obtained prominence in the cyber world. Then Facebook entered the scene, and the whole online marketing business got blown to proportions way beyond people's initial expectations.

As Facebook gained prominence and its membership grew by millions, it became more than just a simple social networking service. It has become one of the world's leading social media marketing medium as well. With the vast diversity and large population of its members, it only made sense that it led to what we now call Facebook marketing.
Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Facebook provides one important thing in marketing: market. The entire membership is a wide, deep ocean of potential customers that business owners simply need to tap into.

Facebook marketing is a social media marketing strategy wherein business people and entrepreneurs promote their businesses and websites through Facebook.

The following are five Facebook marketing techniques that can help you with your website promotion.

1. Have A Unique, Official Logo

Take the official logo or banner of the business, product or service offered in your website and use it as a profile picture. Preferably, it should be striking, attractive, stands out, memorable and distinct from all the other logos out there. This will distinguish your Facebook account from other individuals and encourage people to regard you with respect as a business.

Logos are a necessity in basic marketing. It is all the more important in Facebook marketing because there are multitudes of photos and profile images in Facebook. You want to be easily recognized so that people will pay attention to your status updates regarding the latest developments of your website.

2. Install Facebook's RSS Graffiti Application

This is a free application that you can easily access through Facebook. Simply search for it through the search box and authorize the application to access your profile account. Add the RSS Graffiti into your business' official Facebook page. Enter the RSS feed or URL into the RSS Graffiti and complete your preferred settings (how many posts, how often, when and the like). Once you've saved everything, your Facebook page is all set for Facebook marketing and website promotion!

Depending on your settings, the RSS Graffiti will automatically publish the articles you add in your website. You no longer have to individually post updates and new features. Everything will be automatically done for you.

In addition to this, the application will also provide you with the stats of the website you're publishing on your Facebook wall.

3. Provide A Link In Your Profile Page

Once you get people's attention with your status updates and RSS feeds, they are likely to click on your profile page and learn more about the business. Provide them with the basic information about your services, and then direct them to your website for more information and exciting offers. This is website promotion and social media marketing in its most direct form.

4. Utilize Facebook Groups and Fanpages

Opening a group page in Facebook is one way to filter contacts and stragglers into a condensed population that truly has the potential to become your future customer and client pool. Write a short, personal message for each invite you send out. If he/she chooses to be a member and stay updated with your Facebook group, this is a very good sign indeed.

In social media marketing, sometimes it is more sensible to target the right market than just assimilate large numbers of contacts wherein a larger percentage will simply be indifferent to you. It is far easier to reel in visitors to your website when you all share a common interest and if they are truly interested in your group.

5. Utilize Walls and Status Updates

Each person has his own wall where he can publish his own messages and receive messages from other people. Whenever these posts are published, they also appear as alerts to all the other contacts of the person. This is a perfect opportunity for website promotion.

This works similarly with the RSS Graffiti. However, with posting on your and other people's walls, you can be more casual and promote new updates to your website in an offhand manner that doesn't reek of website promotion. People will simply bypass your alert if they sense that your main purpose is for them to click on the link and buy something off you.

In addition, respond to inquiries and posts published in your wall. If you do this often, you'll also stay near the top of the updates list on everyone's home page.

With the success of the Internet as a medium for communication, people from all over the world are connected regardless of distance, language, color and culture. It also paved the way for social media marketing, particularly website promotion and Facebook marketing. You can promote your website to a very wide audience and achieve a lot more through Facebook.

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