8 steps to get Google Adsense Approval

Remember that content is the king, Just create some quality content for your site. Make content that is not breaking the google adsense TOS (Term of Service). if the site is about firearms, xxx, gambling, or warez, even if it’s just for example firearms reviews, that might set off the deny button. 

Here is list of why the site got deny from adsense :
1. Site under construction.
2. Not enough pages.
3. Not enough traffic.
4. Site that doesn’t comply with policy.

So how can I get google adsense Aproval, then? (here is simple trick)
Most of the adsense publisher apply the adsense using blogspot.com. one of the fast, cheap and most efficient way to make blog for adsense approval. 

Here is step by step how to do it :
  • Make a blogger.com account
  • Make one blog at blogspot.com
  • Fill you blog any english article, of course article that correlated with your blog title. You can find it by googleing around using google.com and then do some modification on the article, to make it unique. Try to make 3-5 blog post.
  • Then go to google adsense to register. Submit your blog address for review by google adsense team, Use your true identity don’t fake it, play with clean
  • Then wait, During waiting time, please keep updated your blog. Make a blog post at least one per day. And start promoting your blog, to get more visitor.
  • Don't forget to Check your email. Usually the mail arrive in four working days.
  • If you got Approve, then you may put the adsense code in your blog, of course keep your blog updated too and begin to promote your blog. If you got deny move to step 8.
  • If you got deny, Please check your mail carefully, Pay attention to the reason why your blog got rejected. Correct all the mistakes and go back to step one.

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