Internet Advertising for Business

The two prime internet advertising platforms for business are pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. Whether search engine optimization is technically advertising is debatable, but we will assume as much for this article. The issue we are going to discuss today applies equally to either of these platforms as well as any other internet advertising you undertake.

The biggest mistake most businesses make with internet advertising is keyword perspective. Keyword perspective refers to the point of view one has when developing keywords for any type of advertising. There are primarily two perspectives, but each only works with one audience. If you get them crossed up, your internet advertising will be a mess.

The industry perspective is usually the area where I see the biggest messes. Industry perspective refers to using industry terminology to develop keywords instead of using terms your prospects actually use. For example, a mortgage professional might view HELOC [home equity line of credit] as a keyword. Most prospects, however, are not going to search for this. Instead, they will search for home equity line of credit or simply line of credit. When you are marketing to the general public, do not use industry terms. Instead, use the terms your prospects apply to your services or products

 The opposite of the industry perspective is found in the business to business field. If you are providing services or products to businesses, than you want to use industry terms! If you sell medical equipment to hospitals, your prospects are going to be both sophisticated and using technical terms in their searches. They will search for medial collateral isolation braces instead of knee brace. In the business to business scenario, you must focus on industry terms or have your internet advertising fail.

Internet advertising for business is all about perspective. You need to focus on who your prospects are and the terminology they use. Failure to do so will lead to the failure of your internet advertising.

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